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Bring important knowledge and training to employees and customers

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What our happy customers say

"Truly great learning management system and great costumer support. Outstanding eLearning with well explained content. ”
Ina Hausdorf Senior HR manager | Evidia Germany

"Everything you need for knowledge in one central place!"

Thomas Gehrke

Safety officer | Deutsche Bahn Netze
“I couldn’t imagine using anything else for our customer training.”

Martin Mattler

HR business partner | Innogy Systems
"Our employees learn now easy all trainings flexible. Great!”

Saskia Alsmann

Senior quality manager | GEWO estate

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Get real-time insights of the learning progress

Auto-generated reports. Get accurate insights!

  • Personal asset watchlists
  • Group based analytics
  • 20+ reports in WELL Report
  • Export function (Excel, PDF, HTML,etc.)
  • Automated messages for reengagement
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Learn everywhere, everytime on every device

One account. Responsive content and interface!

  • Support for most common browser and devices
  • Learn on mobiles, laptop, tablet, tv or vr-glasses
  • Single-sign-on with QR-code
  • Security features with MFA.
  • App assist for multi device usage
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Help and support

Here you will find many answers to the most frequently asked questions in our FAQ. If you cannot find an answer, please contact us. We will be happy to advise you.

Comprehensive support for your learning management system means that we are at your disposal for all questions and challenges to ensure the success of your company when using it. Whether user management, training solution or product handling.

You always have support:

  • When we release an update, it will be i stalled for your platform
  • We host your LMS, so you don't have to spend time on maintenance and IT
  • You can expect us to keep the item in good working order, working as described and protected against major security issues


Get your own content here in three easy steps:

We offer you these options for your company with guaranteed learning success and a certificate. 

  • We build your content of any kind for you with our great authoring tool WELL Creator.
  • You can build it on your own with our help and guidelines due to a licence of WELL Creator.
  • We create a unique solution of video or PowerPoint based on your source


Three easy steps to successful learning


1. Visit course

Just click on the dashboard and get access to all courses you have to do.

Start now

2. Learn content

Each learning content is simple to use, watch and learn in only a few minutes.

Course page

3. Certificate

Once you have completed all the course content, you will receive your certificate.

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Many features you always need for leaning success

The only way to learn and manage trainings really fast

Centralise knowledge

Get all the important trainings in WELL LearnHub, the #1 learning management system.

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Organise training

Start training sessions at any time without forgetting employees.

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Add activities

With WELL Learnings you can use more then 200+ tools for alle circumstances.

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Hosting included

Always a fully functional learning platform without your own IT and knowledge.

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Onboarding at all times

Help new employees to join your company at any time with important knowledge.

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Premium support

With WELL Plus you get all the time an epic support in all cases of learning. 

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Get real-time insights of the learning performance

Auto-generated reports: Get accurate insights on your performance with auto-generated reports that help create successful employees development.

  • Training asset watchlists
  • Curated LMS data feed
  • 20+ on-chain, social & dev reports
  • Low-latency achievement signals and alerts
  • No live presence and pre-made content needed
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Get real-time insights of your customer onboarding.

Auto-generated reports: Get accurate insights on your customer product training with auto-generated reports that help create successful product handling and usage.

  • Customer training watchlists
  • Turorials used by customers successfully
  • First kevel certificate by your company
  • Forum and faq for more customer proximity
  • No more list, paper and time effort
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We offer the best experts and solutions to help people achieve better health and knowledge.

Some interesting data about us

WELL Plus is a german education technology company since 2016. We deliver stunning content to companies all over the globe to bring knowledgeto their staff and customers at a glance.



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Founder & EdTech Expert
More than 24 years of experience in education.
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Managing Assistant & Support
Keeps Michael up to date in communication.

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Knows everything about money and bills.
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Senior IT Manager
Digital things is what he likes.